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Resilience in Urban and Regional Development. From Concept to Implementation

International Conference, 27/28 March 2014 in Berlin

Call for Abstracts

In contrast to sustainability, the definition of resilience relates to the ability of ecosystems to absorb shocks and disruptions and to maintain central functions in a system to the greatest possible extent even when exposed to stress. Of significance here is not only the development of robust and resistant structures, but also the establishment of a regional system with a high level of adaptive capacity that can both reactively and proactively adjust to changing framework conditions. A resilient urban region is characterised particularly by ecological, economic and social integrity.

Call for Papers: creating knowledge

Landscape Architecture Doctoral Colloquium

This colloquium is addressed to all current and prospective doctoral students in landscape architecture and related disciplines who wish to share and discuss methodical aspects of their research in a European research community. The meeting is open to all research themes and methodical approaches from across the field of landscape architecture and neighbouring disciplines. After the colloquium the participants will be able to position their own research in relation to other approaches in research and practice.

Call for Papers: Vom globalen Klimawandel zu regionalen Anpassungsstrategien



Der Forschungsverbund KLIFF – Klimafolgenforschung in Niedersachsen – richtet am 2. und 3. September 2013 die nationale Konferenz „Vom globalen Klimawandel zu regionalen Anpassungsstrategien im Geowissenschaftlichen Zentrum in Göttingen aus. Dazu möchten wir Sie herzlich einladen, Ihre Ergebnisse zum Klimawandel mit seinen Folgen und Ihre Anpassungsoptionen daran zu präsentieren und zu diskutieren.

Die ARL ist Projektpartner bei KLIFF. Sie ist dabei hauptverantwortlich – in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Oldenburg und der Region Hannover – für das Teilvorhaben KLIFF-IMPLAN, welches sich mit der Klimafolgenanpassung durch die räumliche Planung in Niedersachsen befasst.