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Postdoc video Challenge – participate with a video about your own work!

Take part in the postdoc video challenge “Adressing Grand Challenges” by the journal “Buildings & Cities” and the ARL.

Foto vom Display einer Handykamera, auf deren Motiv eine Straßenkreuzung in der Stadt zu sehen ist; Schriftzug "Postdoc video Challenge auf rotem Balken über dem Foto; auf einem blauen Balken unter dem Foto steht "Addressing Grand Challenges"This video challenge celebrates a diversity of built environment research from postdocs in many countries and built environment disciplines. Collectively, these videos will illustrate the importance and interest of emerging built environment research to civil society and industry.

The theme of this video challenge is “GRAND CHALLENGES” – the difficult but key problems that societies face. This is an opportunity for postdocs to explain the significance of their research in relation to major societal issues, articulate a ‘big picture’ view of its potential contribution and impacts. These videos should explain clearly, succinctly and creatively why the chosen research project matters and how it fits into the wider context and might contribute to society. It must be aimed at the general public.

Any person with PhD up to six years (as of 17 October 2023) after their PhD degree was awarded. The topic can be based either on your PhD or postdoc research.

We encourage creativity and the use of different formats that help to clearly convey your message: live action, animation, still images, visual effects - but the video must be 120 seconds or less!

The best three videos will be awarded with a first, a second, and a people’s vote prize (600 €/ 400 €/ 400 €). Apart from winning a prize: All participants improve their communication skills and enhance the visibility of their work by engaging in this video challenge!

Completed applications and videos must be submitted before Tuesday 17 October 2023 noon (UCT / GMT / UK time)

For further information, please visit the video challenge website: https://www.buildingsandcities.org/video-challenge/2023.html