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Digitalisation and spatial development – “examples from abroad”

Debates about digitalisation and its effects have been and continue to be of great social and political significance. Whereas some view it – with considerable scepticism – as an irreversible megatrend, others see it as both the foundation of future value creation with concomitant structural change and the solution to a wide range of problems. New forms of transport and the mobility transition, new ways of working and communicating, changes in the production of goods and logistics, current marketing strategies as well as the energy transition: all are based on digital products and information technologies.

The reference framework for the sessions at the ARL Congress 2022: A SMART future? Digitalisation - Challenges for spatial development is socially inclusive and spatially sustainable development, both within Germany and within an international comparative context.

Registration for Digital session on “examples from abroad”, 01 July 2022, 10:45-13:15 (CET) still possible

Digital participation possible for the session "examples from abroad" (Zoom): Please register free of charge for this session at kongress@arl-net.de if you are interested and not attending the entire Congress in person. You will be able use the chat box to participate in the discussions.

Programme of the session

  • Spatial dimensions of digitisation: Insights from a research partnership with the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning.  Emilia Bruck (TU Wien), Prof. Dr. Rudolf Scheuvens (TU Wien)
  • Digitalisation in Impact Assessment – German and Austrian Practice in International Comparison. Dr. Gesa Geißler (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna), PD Dr. Alexandra Jiricka-Pürrer (University of  Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna)
  • Digital provision of after-school education in sparsely populated rural areas - the example of the Swedish Akademi Norr. Dr. Jan Matthias Stielike (University of Bonn), Nathalie Tent (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg) 
  • The smart shrinking city? Possibilities and limitations of smart and digital approaches for revitalizing shrinking cities. Jakob Schackmar (TU Kaiserslautern)

The session will be moderated by Dr. Britta Bockhorn and Jakob Busse von Colbe (both ARL).

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