10.05.2019 Annika Mayer

Call for Tenders for Targeted Analysis "Metropolitan Industrial Spatial Strategies & Economic Sprawl"

The service contract shall research the specific long-term development challenges facing metropolitan areas based on case studies of seven stakeholder city regions due to the changing locational preferences of their manufacturing, industrial and employment bases, which has increasingly resulted in productive sectors relocating to peri-urban areas within wider urban hinterlands.

The objective of the research is to analyse the impacts of these trends, particularly in the context of future-proofing cities for emerging 21st Century trends in industrial production processes and technologies. The main outcome should be to provide planning and development policy processes at a metropolitan scale with a better understanding of the dynamics, frameworks, methods, tools and instruments for the planning and implementation of industrial/manufacturing spatial strategies to facilitate the long-term sustainable development of productive sector uses within cities and their functional regions.

Further information: www.espon.eu/EconomicSprawl