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Call for Papers: How to govern fundamental Sustainability Transition processes?

RSA Research Network: Governing the Sustainability Transition – Defining Challenges and Opportunities for the Regional Scale

Call for papers for the second workshop: How to govern fundamental Sustainability Transition processes?

10-11 July 2014, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

In order to achieve sustainable development, large socio-technical systems must be remodelled, implying fundamental transformation processes for technologies, industries and lifestyles. Although the relatively young research fields of Sustainability Transitions and Transition Management have already produced a substantial body of literature (e.g. Geels 2005; Meadowcroft 2009; Grin, Rotmans and Schot 2010; Frantzeskaki, Loorbach and Meadowcroft 2012), the spatial aspects of this transition have so far been little investigated by researchers (e.g. Bulkeley et al. 2010, Späth and Rohracher 2010; Hodson and Marvin 2012; Truffer and Coenen 2012). Given the scale advantage of a regional-based analysis – whereby sufficient detail is combined with a broader strategic perspective – the Regional Studies Association Research Network seeks to explore questions and challenges around the governance of the postulated Transition from a regional perspective.

The focus of this second workshop is how to govern the sustainability transition.