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Call for authors: Booklet on Alberto Magnaghi

Call for Young Academic (YA) Authors to work in collaboration with distinguished Prof. Alberto Magnaghi and another YA author reflecting on his work in planning theory and practices.

This booklet project presents conversations with influential planners in theory to reflect on the path of their careers and discuss how they inspired and addressed the development of planning theory. It aims to provide an introduction to their theories and ideas.

The suitable candidates should be interested in territorial planning, sustainable development, participation and commons. We welcome candidates interested in being lead authors and co-authors (please write us your preference). Ideally the work will start in October 2022. Prof Alberto Magnaghi and the editorial board of Conversations in Planning YABooklet will select the candidate.

Please submit a brief CV and a short write-up (maximum 500 words) on your interest in the project by September the 10th. If you have any queries, please send us an email to the editors: bookletseries@gmail.com

Contact Editors: Chiara Belingardi, Email: bookletseries@gmail.com

Link: https://www.aesop-youngacademics.net/news/en/2022/07/13/readabout/Call-for-authors-Booklet-on-Alberto-Magnaghi