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Gender- and Climate-just Cities and Urban Regions

Doris Damyanovic,
Ulrike Sturm
Aurélie Karlinger,
Franziska Städler

Internationaler Arbeitskreis Climate-just Cities














The international working group „Gender- and Climate-just Cities and Urban Regions“ supports the current debate on challenges to cities and regions in their combat against climate change by widening the knowledge base and emphasising gender approaches concerning climate neutral and smart cities. Transdisciplinary processes and approaches are important for the formulation of problem-based research questions and in seeking solutions for gendered climate neutral and resilient cities and regions. From the current state of art, the group has a closer look on the social, gender and diversity dimension in the broad debate on approaches to climate neutral and just cites and urban regions in Europe.

Two core research questions emerge: - How is the social and gender dimension integrated in climate neutral and smart planning processes instruments and policies of (green) cool urban spaces and landscapes in the European context? Which aspects of climate justice are reflected in these instruments? - What is the added value to integrate a gender perspective on planning urban open spaces concerning climate neutral and smart cities and urban regions? How can it help to further climate justice?

The working group is preparing a special issue with the joint results and met for its final meeting in Vienna on April 25/26, 2024.