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The internationalisation of the ARL and its activities is progressing at a rapid pace: in addition to the expansion of the network and increased cooperation throughout Europe, the expansion of inter- and transdisciplinary working methods via working committees with an international focus and/or composition, more English-language publications, digital and event formats and the dynamic further development of - the English-language knowledge and communication platform - in 2024 the Executive Committee and the ARL Headquarters will place a further focus on personal networking meetings at European level and a more direct exchange with European institutions in Brussels.


A selection of international activities 

International Summer School: Since 2011, the ARL has organized an annual International Summer School for doctoral students in cooperation with a partner institution abroad (read more).

International networking activities
As part of the consistent internationalisation of the ARL’s unique transdisciplinary working methods, relevant networks at the European level exist:

Official cooperation agreements have existed since 2009 since 2013 with the EURAC research centre in Bolzano (IT). Here the aim is to develop joint scientific outputs and events.

The ARL has been a member of the Regional Studies Association (RSA) since 2024, and joint events are being planned.