Many challenges with spatial impacts, for instance climate change, require global and cooperative approaches. The spatial sciences have an especially important role here thanks to their interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective.

The Academy for Spatial Research and Planning is thus adopting an increasingly international focus in its work. Since 2011 the ARL has organised an annual International Summer School for PhD students, each time in cooperation with a different partner institute from abroad.

Official cooperation agreements exist since 2009 with the Institute of the Problems of the Regional Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RU), and since 2013 with the EURAC research centre in Bolzano (IT). Here the aim is to develop joint scientific outputs and events.

In the course of this internationalisation strategy the ARL has identified six fields where the internationalisation of Academy activities should be advanced:

  • Internationalisation of Academy work
  • Further development of international strategic partnerships
  • Increasing the proportion of external European finance
  • More international exchanges of personnel
  • Extension of international networks
  • Capacity building and development cooperation

The following links provide information on the EU projects ‘Baltic Challenges and Chances for local and regional development generated by Climate Change – BalticClimate’ (BSR INTERREG IVB) and ‘COMMIN – Promoting Spatial Development by Creating COMmon MINdscapes’ (BSR INTERREG III B). Both these international projects have been led by the ARL and are completed.