Publications by the ARL

Publication Series



In the “Forschungsberichte der ARL” (Research Reports of the ARL) the findings of the fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research undertaken by the working groups and the results of individual research projects are published. They are aimed primarily at academia (research and teaching) but also offer up-to-date and informed support for planning practice.



The “Arbeitsberichte der ARL” (Working Reports of the ARL) publish the (interim) findings of application-oriented scientific discussions of the working groups. They are particularly aimed at planning practice and primarily offer topical and practical support and promote discussion within the Academy.



The “Positionspapiere” (Position Papers) on current issues of spatial development on the national and European levels are aimed primarily at decision-makers in the political and administrative spheres. 



Nachrichten der ARL

The scientific magazine Nachrichten der ARL is published three times a year and always has a specific focus. It reports on current topics of spatial development and targets those contributing to the work of the Academy, decision-makers in the political and administrative spheres, professionals in the field, and interested citizens.


Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning (RuR)

The academic journal “Raumforschung und Raumordnung” is published by six issues a year. Its scientific papers have passed a peer-review procedure and target spatial scientists in Germany and abroad, but also policymakers and planning practitioners. It is jointly published by the 5R-Network of the Leibniz Association (ARL, IÖR, Ifl, IRS and ILS).


Handwörterbuch der Stadt- und Raumentwicklung

The Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL) has published the handbook “Handwörterbuch” for over five decades. It is directed at interested academics and practitioners.


Grundriss der Raumordnung und Raumentwicklung

Through the compendium “Grundriss” the ARL disseminates fundamental knowledge and background information on the field of spatially relevant research and planning. The papers focus on the relationship between policy and planning in Germany and Europe and supplement the lexicon character of the “Handwörterbuch der Raumordnung”.