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The Academy’s HQ in Hannover is the centre of management and co-ordination for the ARL, as well as a source of impulses for work in the network. A certain amount of independent and complementary research is also conducted here.

The HQ organises the ongoing activities in the network and supports the undertakings of the ARL groups in close coordination with the Steering Committee. The scientific staff tackle both research and advisory tasks, providing the information and advice that represent an important part of the service function of the ARL. They also publish in their own right and pursue their own research.

The HQ consists of the Secretary General with three assigned staff positions, six Academic Sections (AS), and five sections (CS) providing central services. The latter are subsumed in the Central Department (CD) headed up by the Deputy Secretary General. A total of 42 members of staff work at the HQ (as of 02/2020).


ARL – Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association
Vahrenwalder Straße 247
30179 Hannover

Phone +49 511 34842-0
Fax +49 511 34842-41

Getting to the ARL (PDF)


Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee (Acting Secretary General)
Office Assistant: Andrea Bache (Phone +49 511 34842-37)

Staff position

Science Communication
Dr. Tanja Ernst (Phone +49 511 34842-56)

Research Management
Dr. Ina Peters (Phone +49 511 34842-61)

Research Support
Dipl.-Ing. Dennis Ehm (Phone +49 511 34842-49)

International Affairs
Dr. Britta Bockhorn (Phone: +49 511 34842-25)

Academic Sections

AS I: Society and Culture

Head of Section: Dr. Martin Sondermann (Phone +49 511 34842-23)
Office Assistant: Vanessa Mena Arias (Phone +49 511 34842-21)

AS II: Economics and Mobility

Head of Section: Dr. Martina Hülz (Phone +49 511 34842-28)
Office Assistant: Sarah Trockel (Phone +49 511 34842-24)

AS III: Ecology and Landscape

Head of Section: Dr. Barbara Warner (Phone +49 511 34842-22)
Office Assistant: Nadine Lungwitz (Phone +49 511 34842-20)

AS IV: Spatial Planning and Politics

Head of Section: Sebastian Krätzig (Phone +49 511 34842-52)
Office Assistant: Vanessa Mena Arias (Phone +49 511 34842-21)
Office Assistant: Nadine Lungwitz (Phone +49 511 34842-20)

AS V: Strategies and Concepts of Spatial Transformation

Head of Section: Dr. Katharina Kapitza  (Phone +49 511 34842-47)
Office Assistant: Kathrin Kube (Phone +49 511 34842-44)

AS VI: Academic Journal

Head of Section: Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee (Phone +49 511 34842-39)
Office Assistant: Sarah Trockel (Phone +49 511 34842-24)

Central Department

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Andreas Klee (Phone +49 511 34842-39)
Office Assistant: Kathrin Kube (Phone +49 511 34842-38)

Central Sections

CS I: Administration

Head of section: Frank Klockgether (Phone +49 511 34842-46)
Budgeting/accounts: Miroslav Todoric (Phone +49 511 34842-42)
Travelling expenses: Sylvia Gutschera (Phone +49 511 34842-40)
Data protection, administrative IT and database: Tanja Reddert (Phone +49 511 34842-12)
Mailroom: Iris Günther

CS II: Event Management

Head of section: Angélique Griguhn (Phone +49 511 34842-32)

CS III: Publications

Head of section: Oliver Rose (Phone +49 511 34842-26)
Editing/production: Heike Wegner (Phone +49 511 34842-33)
Cartography/graphics: Gabriela Rojahn (Phone +49 511 34842-27)

CS IV: Library, Documentation, Publishing

Head of section: Dipl.-Dok. (FH) Angelika von Berswordt-Wallrabe (Phone +49 511 34842-13)
Library: Dipl.-Bibl. (FH) Manja Hangebruch (Phone +49 511 34842-14)
Databases: Tanja Reddert (Phone +49 511 34842-12)

CS V: Electronic Data Processing

Head of section: Dipl.-Chem. Ralf Köneke (Phone +49 511 34842-45)
Website, IT: Klaus Ditze (Phone +49 511 34842-16)