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International Cooperations

Once a year the ARL cooperates with a partner institute abroad to organise an International Summer School for PhD students. Partner institutes have thus far included: the ETH Zürich (CH), the TU Bratislava (SK), the University of Utrecht (NL), the University of Loughborough (UK), the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (A), the University of Stockholm (SE), the University of Lille (FR) and the University Ústí nad Labem in Prague (CZ).

The ARL also has official cooperation agreements with the Russian Academy of Sciences and, since 2013, with the EURAC research centre in Bolzano. Specific output-related cooperations (e.g. for joint events and workshops) exist with the University of Utrecht (NL) and the TU Delft (NL).

Since the end of the 1990s the ARL has been a cooperation partner of SPECTRA - Centre of Excellence, a Central European organisation for postgraduate education in the field of spatial planning, which is led by the Slovak University of Technology.