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There are new country profiles available on our Knowledge and Communication Platform The Country Profiles provide you with a comprehensive overview of a country's planning system and offer many interesting information.

Recently added was the Country Profile of Kosovo, authored by Dr. Arlinda Hajzeri.

Spatial planning in Kosovo changed drastically after Yugoslavia collapsed and Kosovo was thrown into conflict in the late 1990s. 

The fighting caused widespread relocation, infrastructural destruction, and administrative instability, including to spatial planning frameworks. Kosovo entered a crucial period following the war: as the nation rebuilt, it had a unique opportunity to rehabilitate its physical and social fabric and restructure its spatial planning paradigm. 

International organisations and donors helped develop new governance structures, legislative foundations, and strong planning institutions. Even before independence in 2008, Kosovo had established its temporary self-governance institutions, including the Ministry of Spatial Planning. 

After the 1998-1999 war and separation from Serbia, Kosovo adopted its Law on Spatial Planning in 2003. 

The current Institute of Spatial Planning was also established in 2003 and in November 2023 it marked 20 years of shaping spatial planning processes in Kosovo.

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