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Call for Contributions to a Seminar of the International Working Group Small Towns and Metropolitan Cores

In 2020, the ARL set up an international working group on the following theme: Small towns and metropolitan cores: towards cooperation? A European perspective. This working group is composed of a dozen European academics and experts who address the topic and its sub-aspects both from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives. The members of the working group work together for three years. They collaborate online and meet physically for two workshops a year at various locations across Europe. The group may also be complemented by invited experts relevant to the topics of research.

On the occasion of the next meeting in Hannover on September 21st, 2022, the working group launches a call for contributions to an online seminar with the title:

Small Towns and Metropolitan Cores: Functional Relations, Spatial Imaginaries and Cooperation Arrangements

The invitation is open to any academic who is interested to debate about the relationships between metropolitan regions and small towns in the European context, now and in the future.

This seminar is an outstanding opportunity for contributors to share their results, to exchange ideas with the members of the working group and to gain more visibility at the international level.
The online format will allow with in-depth discussions with members of the working group and all the participants, without having to travel to Hannover to participate face-to-face to the seminar.
Shortly after the seminar, the contribution of invited contributors will be considered for inclusion in the publication plan of the working group. We expect to publish an English-language, peer-reviewed scientific publication. Contacts are currently taking place with publishers or journal editors for a book or a special issue of a peer- reviewed journal.

If you are interested in participating in the online seminar, please submit your statement of interest (in digital form) by June 24, 2022.

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