Research report 19: Spatial transformation – processes, strategies, research designs

The present anthology is the result of the conference ‘Spatial transformation: processes, strategies and research design’. This conference was organised by the TRUST/ARL Doctoral Colloquium. The thematic focus is based on the introductory remarks by Rüdiger Glaser in the context of global change, the age of the Anthropocene  and planetary boundaries  – all of which necessitate a transformation towards more sustainable lifestyles. When considering spatial transformation processes and the possibilities of shaping them from a scientific perspective, the term ‘Great Transformation’, coined by Karl Polanyi, and the demand for transformation research and transformative research serve as a point of reference.

Research report 19: https://shop.arl-net.de/spatial-transformation.html

This research report is a translated version of the following publication: Abassiharofteh, Milad; Baier, Jessica; Göb, Angelina; Thimm, Insa; Eberth, Andreas; Knaps, Falco; Larjosto, Vilja; Zebner, Fabiana (Hrsg.) (2019): Räumliche Transformation – Prozesse, Konzepte, Forschungsdesigns. Hannover. = Forschungsberichte der ARL 10.