Call for authors: Booklet on Ali Madanipour

AESOP Conversation in Planning 
Booklet Project

This is a Call for Young Academic (YA) Author(s) to work in collaboration with distinguished Prof Ali Madanipour, reflecting on his research into urban design theory and practice. This is a great opportunity for the YA authors to get to work on the booklet with direct guidance from Prof Ali Madanipour himself.

The suitable candidate should have an interest in political economy, political ecology, and urban theory and culture. The approximate word count for the booklet is 20,000 words (developed in two parts: the first part (c. 10,000 words) will consist of a draft prepared by YA author(s); the second part (c. 10,000 words) includes interviews with planner’s peers, followers, and critics). Most of the booklets were co-authored by more than one YA members -one being the lead author or coordinator. We welcome candidates interested in being co-authors.

Please submit a brief CV and a short write up (maximum 500 words) on your interest in the project by the 30th of November 2021. If you have any queries, please send an email to the editors: bookletseries@gmail.com. We look forward hearing from you.

You can access our already published booklets at: https://www.aesop-planning.eu/en_GB/booklet-series

Contact Editors:

Dr. Sina Shahab. Email: shahabs@cardiff.ac.uk
Dr. Chiara Belingardi. Email: chiara.belingardi@gmail.com

Best regards, on behalf of both: The Editorial Board of Conversations in Planning Theory and Practice & The Coordination Team of the AESOP Young Academics network

You can download the call here: PDF