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„Socially responsible research – what does this mean?“

LeNa Shape project offers workshops
Zu sehen ist das Logo des Projekts LeNa - Leitfaden Nachhaltigkeit als Wort-Bildmarke

Workshops on Research in social responsibility - responsible conception of one's own research processes


  • 18./19. Oktober 2023, jeweils 9:00 bis 12:30 Uhr, online (deutsch)
  • 13./14. November 2023, each 9:00 until 12:30, online (english)

Using the LeNa reflection framework, scientists and scholars can examine their own research projects in discussion with other participants over the course of two half-days to determine whether they are designed to be sustainable and, in doing so, make a contribution to the socially responsible orientation of the major German science organizations.

Responsible action in science

The benefits and impact of research projects are increasingly in the public eye. Scientists have to find ways of dealing with the growing interest. But how can this be done? The workshop will provide suggestions on how to do this.

Reflecting the own research

Participants can use a framework for reflection to examine their own research projects and discuss together how their own research projects can be designed in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Tips for the sustainable design of research processes

The workshop is aimed at scientists from all disciplines and is particularly suitable for doctoral students and postdocs. Together, we will discuss various criteria and quick check questions that can be used to reflect on and review research processes.


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More information on research in social responsibility can be find here.


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