PhD positions and TRUST-/ARL Research Training Group

In 2011/2012 four positions for PhD students were created in the ARL Headquarters for the first time. The PhD students are provided with specialists’ and organisational support and are actively involved in the ARL networks, for instance through work in the Young Professionals’ Forum. Since 2015/2016 the second cohort of PhD students has been at the ARL, and the third cohort will be elected to start in summer 2019.

The ARL has joined with the research initiative TRUST – Transdisciplinary Rural and Urban Spatial Transformation at Leibniz University Hannover to establish a joint Research Training Group which began its work on 1 November 2015. This is intended to ensure the excellence-driven, structured and cross-faculty promotion of young researchers in the field of spatial transformation. The PhD students at the ARL participate in the research training.