2. Kohorte (2020–2023)

Second Cohort (2020–2023)

On January 1st, 2020, eight doctoral students in the second cohort started their doctoral projects in the field of "Transformation processes in urban and rural areas".
The ARL is hosting two doctoral students from the TRUST/ARL Research Training program:

  • Anne Finger: Mobilität, quo vadis? Potentiale für Mobilität als integrativer Bestandteil einer nachhaltigen Raumentwicklung. Environmental Planning, supervised by Prof. Dr. Barbara Zibell
  • Filip Snieg: East Side Transition Stories – a comparison of sustainability transitions in post-socialist shrinking cities in the border region of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. European Master in Territorial Development, supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Danielzy

Additionally, six doctoral students are participating through the Research Centre TRUST:

  • Ole Badelt: Sustainable allocation of solar parks – Conditions for increasing the potential for ground mounted PV by technical solution for higher acceptability. Environmental Planning, supervised by Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren
  • Lydia Heilen: „Transforming our World“ – Die Sustainable Development Goals aus der Perspektive Jugendlicher im Kontext einer Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung. Environmental psychology/Didactics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Christine Meyer
  • Oliver Schulte: Land Use and Land Use Rights in Southeast Asia. Economics, supervised by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grote
  • Leonie Wiemer: Der Geothermieausbau im Rift Valley (Kenia) und die räumlichen und sozialen Transformationen. Landscape Architecture, supervised by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Werthmann
  • Nora Mai: Integratives Leerstandsmanagement als neues Instrument der nachhaltigen Landentwicklung – Erfolgsfaktor im Spannungsfeld der Innenentwicklung peripherer Kommunen. Real Estate Management, supervised by Prof. Dr. Winrich Voß
  •  Jule Lietzau: Gelingensbedingungen für nachhaltige Transformationsprozesse im ländlichen Norddeutschland. Urban and regional Planning, supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Danielzyk

Promovierende der zweiten Kohorte

Doctoral students of the second cohort