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"Diercke Erdkunde" wins prize as Textbook of the Year 2019

Since 2012, the Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) have awarded the Textbook of the Year prize to honor innovative and contemporary textbooks.
With their textbook "Diercke Erdkunde", TRUST members have now won second place for the best textbook of the year 2019 in the category "Society". This is a great achievement! The jury justified the award primarily by the fact that the authors had succeeded in making numerous current and global challenges understandable and accessible for pupils by using local examples. Thus complex topics in the area of "Education for Sustainable Development" were conveyed very clearly. The jury also explicitly praised the great commitment of the authors towards implementing education for sustainable development.

The ARL congratulates the TRUST members Andreas Eberth (former doctoral candidate in the TRUST/ARL Research Training program), Christiane Meyer and Yvonne von Roux on this success.