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The information about Germany is structured as follows:

  • Government & Administration
  • Planning System

The information is available in German as well as English.
Most of it was verified and updated in 2011 by Sebastian Ebert, René Falkner and Marlene Feucker (all Academy for Spatial Research and Planning).
The original version was written in 2007 by Elke Pahl-Weber, Dietrich Henckel,  Benjamin Rütenik, and Anja Besecke (all Technical University of Berlin, Institute for Urban and Regional Planning ), Daniel Zwicker-Schwarm (German Institute of Urban Affairs - Difu), Werner Klinge (Institut für Städtebau Berlin der Deutschen Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung)  as well as, Petra Lau (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus ).
For each subsection the respective authors and the version of work are specified.

Furthermore a glossary including the most important planning terms in Germany is available in the following language versions:

All of the terms are current as of 2011.

Additional information:

A special online publication is available in German and Polish: "Planung in Deutschland und Polen aus kommunaler Perspektive / Planowanie w Polsce i w Niemczech z perspektywy gminy"