IAK “Corridors”: the meeting in Vienna

The second official meeting of the International Working Group of experts gathered around the ARL project “Spatial and Transport Development in European Corridors: An Example of the Corridor 22, Hamburg–Athens” took place in Vienna, on 19th and 20th May 2016.

Based on the project findings elaborated so far, the international group of spatial and transport planners met to consider the possibilities for developing the strategy for integrated spatial and transport development along the Hamburg–Athens corridor.

More precisely, the identification of the bottlenecks (both infrastructural and administrative) and a scientific-based analysis at various levels (transnational, regional and local) served as a good base for expert discussion about the relevant tools and instruments for integrated spatial and transport development along the mentioned axis.

As the city of Vienna is recognised as one of the hot-spots along the corridor, the meeting was focused on the Viennese experiences in the domain of spatial and transport planning and development. The representatives of the City of Vienna shared their knowledge on how to develop the city in a sustainable way constantly taking into account the dimension of transportation, particularly railways.

The experts from the Viennese port and Austrian Federal Railways elucidated the previous development and current tendencies observed from the perspective of various transport modes. Finally, the contribution from the guest experts dealing with the issue of transnational cooperation was of a particular importance for the future development of the project’s tasks and major outcomes.