19.05.2015 Annika Mayer

Call for papers for a Special Issue in Raumforschung und Raumordnung

„Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning. International Perspectives“

Editors: Prof. Panagiotis Getimis / Prof. Karsten Zimmermann

The international debate on metropolitan governance and metropolitan regionalism has produced a bulk of articles and books but reveals a weakness: there are many edited volumes like the ones by Salet et al. (2003), Heinelt and Kübler (2005), and Otgaar et al. (2008) presenting collections of case studies. However, there is no systematic comparison of factors that influence the institutional form of metropolitan governance, the success factors that contribute to the emergence of metropolitan governance, and the performance of metropolitan governance in fields such as economic development, mobility, or spatial planning.

The contributions to this special issue about metropolitan governance in Europe seek to fill this gap. In the Special Issue, we will compare national policies on metropolitan governance in terms of their history, structure and performance. In doing so, we will refer to path-dependency (historical aspect) as well as modes of governance (present structure and its performance).

Three presentations will cover the recent developments in Germany, Italy, and France. A common framework is centred on theories of re-scaling and governance. All three countries experienced dynamic changes in scale and scope of metropolitan regionalism: in Italy, the implementation of the 2013 law on the citta metropolitana is still sluggish. The law calls for the abolishment of provinces and the establishment of new powerful regional jurisdictions in metropolitan areas (regional cities or citta metropolitana). In France, greater Lyon and Marseille/Aix are seen as test cases for the creation of new metropolitan bodies (new law in 2013). In Germany, we observe a heterogeneous multi-scaled situation: the introduction of the concept of European Metropolitan Regions resulted in a new scale but has produced only limited institutional effects.

We invite papers focusing on the above mentioned framework of metropolitan governance from other countries such as Spain, UK, or Eastern Europe. Length of final paper: 7.000 words; length of abstract: 350 words.

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Please send abstracts to: karsten.zimmermann@tu-dortmund.de

Deadline for abstract: 15 of June
Notification of acceptance: 25 of June
Deadline for submission of full paper: autumn 2015
Publication of the Special Issue: Summer 2016