The International Working Group on Land Policies in Europe prepares next milestones: The current discussions on challenges on land, including housing, reducing land take and densification, illustrate the interest and relevance of land policies for spatial research and practice – not only in Germany as the new government continues to articulate ambitious housing supply goals, but across Europe. The international perspective and comparative studies on land policies are still lacking.


The ARL International Working Group on Land Policies in Europe eagerly awaited the discussion with the German Association of Cities and Towns (Deutscher Städtetag) and the German Institute for Federal Real Estate (BIMA) on the challenges of land policy in Germany and ten European countries. 

Summary review of the discussion on the challenges of land policy as PDF


Conference Report

PLPR online sessions in February 2021 in retrospect

In the academic calendar of many ARL members, February is the month of the year that is traditionally reserved for international debates on the relations between planning, law and property. This year the discussions of the International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights (PLPR) took place in the form of 11 online sessions and a virtual workshop. Both in terms of content and personnel, the online sessions were closely related to the activities of the ARL International Working Group ‘German Land Policy Revisited – Reflections and Lessons from Abroad’ which is co-led by the PLPR president Thomas Hartmann and the PLPR secretary general Andreas Hengstermann. 

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Short video clips in which international scientists comment on topics of spatial development and planning: 

statements on planning:
"How do planning, law, and property rights matter?" | part 1/3

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Mit Unterstützung der ARL organisiert PLPR im Februar 2021 eine Reihe von Online Sessions.

Die Sessions adressieren aktuelle Themen der Raumentwicklung mit Blick auf Fragen von Eigentum sowie Planungs- und Umweltrecht.

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„Developing the rules of the game“

Report on Online Workshop of the International Working Group (IAK)
Land Policies in Europe, 29 October 2020

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  • Inaugural meeting: International experts discuss the land question in Germany
  • August 2019: Explorative workshop Land Policies in Europe in Mannheim
  • February 2020: International working group on Land Policies in Europe established
  • February 2020: Meeting of the international working group in Ústi and Labem (CZ)
  • February 2020: Presentation at the Conference on Planning, Law, and Property Rights in Ústi and Labem (CZ)  


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Inaugural meeting: International experts discuss the land question in Germany