GIAGEM - Final presentation and workshop

12.09.2019 bis 13.09.2019
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK)

The Role of Green Innovation Areas in Revitalizing German and Mexican Cities Lessons

Learned and Ways Forward

The final GIAGEM presentation and workshop will take place from Thursday, 12 September 2019 Friday, 13 September 2019.

Background and aims

As part of a German-Mexican research collaboration, the project GIAGEM (Green innovation areas in Germany and Mexico) aims at enhancing the use of vacant inner city spaces as green innovation areas for bio-economic uses and their potentials for implementation in German and Mexican cities.

One of the first steps in the projects was to define what Green Innovation Areas could or should be. Thus, the authors came up with the following definition: ‘Green Innovation Areas (GIAs) are a new kind of land use type with the purpose of revitalizing vacant or abandoned spaces. GIAs are locations for new innovative uses that are not yet specified, yet they are of experimental and innovative character. The range of uses can be attributed to the area of bio-economy (among others).

GIAs address a number of public, private and civil society actors. They aim in particular at connecting the communities’ and the entrepreneurs’ interests by means of long-range land use planning and sustainable land use allocations. In doing so they support two aspects: sustainable and land conscious settlement planning, and implementing bio-economic (or other entrepreneurial) uses in urban revitalization processes.’ Applying green innovation areas as a revitalization tool for shrinking cities still needs to prove if it is suitable as a model for future development and revitalization in search of a new quality of life. This workshop presents the results of a joint German-Mexican research project in order to enhance the use of vacant inner city spaces as green innovation areas for bio-economic uses and their potentials for implementation in German and Mexican cities.

In addition, it presents relevant projects within processes of green infrastructure, policymaking and decision making on bio-economic land uses in a novel way, in the form of green innovation areas.

Questions to be addressed with this event are

  • How can GIA be utilized as an instrument for revitalization?
  • How can the possibilities of the GIAGEM good-practices in Mexico and in Germany be used as models for other cities?
  • What are further research needs for GIA?


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Workshop venue (Sept. 12)

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Prof. Dr. Karina Pallagst
Department International Planning Systems Faculty of Spatial and Environmental Planning
Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

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