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Lower Saxony – Scotland Joint Forum 2020: Workshop on the role of higher education and science as drivers of innovative development in rural areas

Rural areas in Lower Saxony and Scotland face multiple and distinct challenges (e.g. demographic and climatic change, peripherality, difficult economic perspectives …). Higher education, research and other educational institutions can play a decisive role in promoting and developing their innovative capacity and therefore contributing to tackle challenges effectively. This workshop will provide a space to initially explore how these institutions can stimulate the transformation and revitalization of rural areas as well as how knowledge can be transferred into local action and new practices co-created along with stakeholders. Approaches to innovation support, knowledge transfer and co-creation as well as transdisciplinary science can significantly benefit from purposeful exchange and cross-pollination among the countries. Further collaboration in a longerterm setting is explicitly envisaged.

The Workshop "The role of higher education and science as drivers of innovative development initiatives in rural areas of Scotland and Lower Saxony" will take place on Tuesday 24 November 2020 – 15:30-17:30 CET

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Already registered for the workshop on rural innovations? We will be exploring topics and possibilites for collaboration among academics and practitioners from LowerSaxony & Scotland. More info & registration, Session V.