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Kick-off workshop for the new international IIK Gender and Spatial Transformation

The full-day kick-off workshop for the new international IIK (iIIK) took place in Hanover on 16 February 2023. The participants had already met informally the evening before for a joint dinner. At the beginning of the workshop, the acting President of the Academy, Prof. Dr. Axel Priebs, welcomed those present and introduced the ARL as an institution and its current topics and challenges.
The main purpose of the kick-off workshop was for the group members to get to know each other and the format of the information and initiative circles (IIK), as well as to situate the new iIIK both in the history of gender projects and perspectives in the ARL and in the context of the ARL's internationalisation. The aim was to formulate a work programme for the first 3 years.

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