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Join the final conference of the COST Action LAND4FLOOD

27 January, 2022, 13-17 CET - participation is free of charge.

Land matters in flood risk management! This is the starting point and key message of LAND4FLOOD. Since 2017, academics and professionals in flood risk management across Europe and beyond are collaborating within the COST Action LAND4FLOOD on this topic, driven by the challenge to implement spatial flood risk management on private land. 

This final conference aims to disseminate the findings and raise new questions emerging out of them. The target audience reaches beyond the LAND4FLOOD community and we invite policy makers, water managers, spatial planners, lawyers, and other stakeholders involved in spatial flood risk management to join. 

LAND4FLOOD established a large and reliable network and it has been supported by the European COST funding programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology, www.cost.eu). Now the COST Action comes to an end, but LAND4FLOOD will continue!

See also our final press release (PDF). 

At the end of this meeting an indepentent academic network on LAND4FLOOD shall be launched. 

See the detailed program and invitation HERE.

Join the discussion! Participation is free. Please enter your full name while connecting.

Zoom directions:

Meeting ID: 891 8615 7244
Passcode: 568159