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International Summer School 2015

Winners and losers: Why are the effects of regional policy so different?

23 August to 26 August 2015 in Prague (Czech Republic)

The Topic

EEU structural and regional policy instruments aim to promote the reduction of regional disparities. In practice, however, these instruments do not always seem to achieve this purpose. In fact, we can often observe differences in the development of regions and cities characterized by similar starting conditions and regulatory incentives, for example with regard to their regeneration, economic performance or innovation activity and ability to attract funding for research activities. Over recent decades, there has been much research into the complexity and drivers of regional development and various explanations for the differing effects of policy, such as the levels of self-employment and new business formation, the quality of government services or the level of education.

Based on the current body of research regarding this topic, the ARL International Summer School 2015 focused on exploring major trends of the development of regions and their drivers, and discussed the effective design of spatial planning instruments.

The Programme

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