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One year ago we successfully launched arl-international.com. This was a culmination of brainstorming between the entire International team and our huge network of experts working hard to make this site a reality. One year later, we have a platform with many registered users, published articles, events, and a consistent flow of new content on issues related to spatial development. This process is continuous, meaning that the platform will never be "finished", and we are constantly updating and delivering new content and features.

We encourage you to visit arl-international.com, especially the Knowledge Base, which is the heart of our platform and where you can experience the academic depth of the ARL. Currently, we offer more than 20 country profiles which describe unique planning systems for each particular country, and which we plan to expand by 10 additional profiles in the very near future. This will provide you with  an excellent comparative overview of the planning systems of many different countries.

For 2023, we plan to ambitiously expand so that the entire European continent is completely represented in the country profiles section. Our ultimate objective is to represent the planning system of as many countries as possible world-wide.

In addition, you will find many in-depth articles in the Compendium of Urban and Regional Development in the Knowledge Base. In our Thematic Collections we offer you a broad thematic overview with many additional sources on current topics such as migration, multi-local living and much more.

The quality of our online content is important to you and it is especially important to us, due to its global reach and academic relevance. Hence our content is not only created by academics and experts in their field but it is subject to an internal quality process. 

Our platform is a driving force in realizing our mission of an attractive interactive online media, where everyone can access and participate in our journey. It delivers a focused and engaging experience that connects individuals, organizations, influencers and countries. It extends our reach, supports our community and makes our memberships grow, creating a foundation for building a better Europe.

In many areas of the platform, we are very happy to receive comments and discourse from our registered users. Even more: as an accredited user, we invite you to contribute your own expertise, e.g. by improving a country profile. 

We have a few surprises in store for you – be sure to visit arl-international.com within the next few days!